Sex on the Brain matching “Facebook”

Should your spouse be your Facebook friend? Maybe not.

Jack, a new patient who has been married for eight years with two young sons, rails against Facebook: "Let's see: yesterday my wife: Felt bloated Realized she has nothing to wear Posted yet another adorable photo album of our... Continue

Internet Infidelity: to snoop or not to snoop?

Like cell phones and hotel rooms, the Internet is a facilitator of infidelity, rather than a direct cause of it, but it's increasingly a catalyst for a particularly pernicious strain of cheating: emotional infidelity.... Continue

For moms and dads, sleep is often more satisfying than sex

I don't care what anybody says, including my wife, sleep is better than sex. I do it seven days a week, I can last all night, and I don't have to cuddle. Could anything be hotter than sleep? Okay, of... Continue

With Facebook Friends Like That...

The movie "The Social Network" is about to hit theaters--but is your marriage already taking a hit from Facebook? If so, join me at Good in Bed, where we're discussing the downside of social networking. We all know how the... Continue

Two's Company: apps for Couples

There's no doubt that Facebook and other types of social media can be a real threat to even the strongest relationships.  I sometimes advise couples to avoid "friending" each other on social media because it saps a sense of mystery... Continue

What would you do?

Your buddy's wife decides to "friend" her ex on Facebook. Your local politician gets busted sending pictures of his private parts to his campaign workers. Your sister tells you her boyfriend wants her to watch pornography with him. It's easy... Continue