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G-spot, or not?

Few phenomena in this world are sliced and diced more than the female orgasm: Did it happen? Was it good? Where did it come from? Does size matter? Why did one technique work last week, but not this week?... Continue

Memo to Women: Please Stop Faking

As a sex therapist, my profession often makes for interesting, and sometimes awkward, dinner conversation. Not too long ago I was at a cocktail party, when a woman in her mid-30s descended upon me. "Quick" she said in hushed tones,... Continue

Female Sexual Geography

When it comes to pleasuring a woman, knowing a little "sexual geography" goes a long way. Every guy should have a "clitoral compass" and know his way around a woman's sexual anatomy. At Good in Bed, we know that contrary... Continue

Sexual Mixology

Hey Guys, when it comes to pleasuring a woman, do you know how to mix the perfect cocktail of deliciously satisfying sensations? Sure, you probably have your own classic recipes for creating sexual intoxication, but have you added a dash... Continue

Deep Tissue Orgasm

Every woman loves a good massage, right, but how about one that truly results in a happy ending--in this case a deep-tissue orgasm?  Like many sexual techniques, this spicy little combo can be delivered in a variety of fashions, but... Continue

What do female orgasms and male nipples have in common?

It's a question that is helping inform research into the purpose of female orgasm (other than simply as a form of pleasure). Investigators want to know whether the female orgasm is an "adaptation" or "byproduct" of evolution. In other words,... Continue

searching for the G-spot

The search for the G-spot is a bit like the sexual equivalent of searching for UFOs: rarely does a year goes by without a new study either confirming or disproving the existence of this small area just inside the vagina,... Continue