Sex on the Brain matching “foreplay”

The power of fantasy

Sigmund Freud gave fantasy a bad name back in 1908 when he said, "A happy person never fantasizes, only a dissatisfied one." Granted, this is also the guy who said clitoral orgasms were immature, and fortunately, we've had a... Continue

Choreplay: why a clean kitchen makes for hot foreplay

Forget romantic dinners and a room for two at your favorite weekend spot. It turns out that the key to great sex for women is a clean kitchen--and maybe some help making sure the kids' homework is done. Sexy,... Continue

Are you Cliterate?

Unsolved Mysteries. America's Most Wanted. Without A Trace. It's the way many of us guys feel about the female orgasm--it belongs right up there on the back of the milk carton. Let's face it: Pleasuring a woman is like an... Continue