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Does he have a Porn Problem?

For years David Duchovny, in the form of F.B.I. agent Fox Mulder, chased down aliens and told us that we're not alone. So what should he be told now, after publicly admitting that he doesn't just play a sex... Continue

Porn: not always a problem

For many guys porn is basically a thirty-second spa-day, complete with happy ending: it feels good, relieves stress, and functions as a quick little treat -- kind of like scarfing down a bag of gummy bears in the middle... Continue

Is Tiger Woods a Sex Addict, or Just a Typical New Dad?

So now it seems as though Tiger Woods may be checking himself into a rehab center in Mississippi to deal with purported sex-addiction. And while claiming to be a sex-addict is a great way to quickly "medicalize" one's dalliances and... Continue

Is sex addiction for real?

Or is it "nothing more than a pop-psychology phenomenon, serving only to demonize sex, enforce moral views of sex and relationships and excuse irresponsible behaviors?" Those are the fighting words of psychologist David Ley, who, in his rousing new book,... Continue