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problems with sex positions

By lugtonex on Jun 9, 2011 at 6:09 AM

a little back story my wife and I have been together for 4 1/2 years, she was a virgin and well I have sleep with too many to remember but it was always missionary. about a year and a half ago we started to try to spice up the sex life a little with toys and trying different positions. We ran into problems with the positions as we could not seem to get them right so that both of us were getting enjoyment out of it. take the "doggy style" i can't seem to keep my penis from slipping out...... I am asking for some help on where I can go before I return to my wife after a long deployment over seas and try to bring the spark back in to the bed room we had when she was fresh to the world

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MDS | Jun 10, 2011 at 4:04 PM | Reply | Report

With "doggy style" gravity helps. Have your wife place her chest on the bed with pillows helping support the rear. It gives a better angle to prevent "slippage" and for some women even improves contact with the right spots.

More important, since you have been out of country for a while, try courting her, even to the point of purposely NOT having sex, but dating her and wooing her like you had just met. In a way, you just have. People change over time.

In seeing the word "deployment" I assume a military stint. If I am correct, thank you. Your service is valued. That makes it even more important to date her again. If you were in a combat situation, you have changed more than she has.

Good luck. Let us know how you are doing after you have been stateside for a while.

Madeleine Castellanos, M.D. | Jun 11, 2011 at 3:47 PM | Reply | Report

If you have been a little while away from her because of deployment, I can understand some anxiety about returning home. Reconnecting on an emotional level is really the number one priority which makes reconnecting physically that much easier. If you are going to try anything new, I would strongly suggest waiting until you both have comfortably reconnected together in your familiar way before moving onto something new. Otherwise, she may wonder what happened to the husband who left and in what ways he may have changed while away.

I would definitely check out the GIB eBook 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex for you both to read together. This way, any changes are explored together as a couple and done from a point of view of curiosity and collaboration. Thanks for your service to our country.

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