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Watching my wife masturbate

By gpc2012 on Feb 11, 2017 at 6:12 PM

I would love to see my loving wife play with herself. I really don't care what she uses as long I get to watch her. I know from previous talks that growing up she did it. She was kind of embarrassed telling me at first but got past that. She's no prude by any means. Has no problem begging me to eat her pussy or fuck her. Sucks me all the time without me even asking. The other night I started playing with her and as things progressed she stopped me and said that she didn't feel like going all the way. I told her that was fine with me all I wanted was to make her cum. She enjoyed two good orgasms, I loved it I was wound up I told her how hot that made me doing that for her, I don't think she believed me until she touched me and I came all over her hand. Then as we talked I asked her to do it in front of me and show me what she likes best so I can make it better for her. She was so embarrassed I tried to ease her mind but just made it worse so I dropped it. What Now?

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giadora | Feb 14, 2017 at 11:27 PM | Reply | Report

It sounds like she prefers to masturbate in private. Encourage her to imagine you there the next time she pleasures herself. Or, tell her how hot it is when she completely comes undone from an awesome orgasm. Tell her that her orgasm face is incredibly sexy. Although try not to put pressure on her. You want her to feel the most comfortable she can be so she can show you her masturbation techniques.

CE | Feb 15, 2017 at 7:34 PM | Reply | Report

Would you be willing to masturbate in front of her? You can't ask her to if it's not something you are willing to do. Keep in mind that masturbating in front of someone for the first time is difficult. Maybe not for everyone, but it was for me. Instead of asking her, I would suggest you go about it a different way. When you touch her, put her hand on yours. That way, she's not directly touching herself. When you think she's warmed up to that, take her hand and put yours over hers. Move your hand just like you would when you touch her. She might not feel as self conscious with your hand guiding her. Personally, I like touching myself better when my husband’s hand is on mine. There’s something really hot about it. When your hand is on hers tell her how hot it is, but don’t bring up that you want her do it alone. Let her do it on her own. Give her time to get used to the idea. One day you might find that she's doing it alone without even realizing it.

CE | Feb 15, 2017 at 9:30 PM | Reply | Report

Will she ever take your hand and put it on her body, or tell you where she wants to be touched? Does she tell you what feels good?

HelgaBee | Mar 6, 2017 at 5:55 AM | Reply | Report

I think you just need to keep telling her that it is very hot for you to make her believe it and stop to be shy. Lots of women masturbate in shower and don't use fingers they do it with water. What if it is her way? Try it) I work as a cam girl on site for adults and I know so many stories like this one. Importent is that from you story I see that you are in love with your wife, so dont give up to make your love even better!

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