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Eating my own cum

By hoops87 on Apr 27, 2017 at 6:24 PM

i have developed a urge to eat my own cum. i work away a lot so i turn i masturbate a lot just recently i have discovered i like to eat my own cum and every time i masturbate i cum in my mouth. the question is how do i tell my girlfriend. she is a bit shy when it comes to sex and am not sure if i should tell her. any advice>?

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Kate McCombs, MPH | Apr 28, 2017 at 4:30 PM | Reply | Report

It's entirely up to you whether you share this with your girlfriend. If this is an activity you'd like to do in her presence at some point, I'd say it would be good to share it with her. But if it's just a quirk of your masturbation practices, I'd say you are under no obligation to share it with her unless you want to.

If you do choose to tell her, I'd approach it the way you might approach any other new sexual thing that interests you. Do you talk about other fantasies and forms of sexual variety? You might say something like, "Hey, I've noticed a new sexual desire coming up for me. Can I talk to you about it?" Pick a good time/context to talk about it. Don't bring it up when she's stressed or distracted.

Langston89 | Apr 29, 2017 at 12:57 PM | Reply | Report


To offer some male solidarity, I like the same thing. I am sexually fluid, but the desire to taste and swallow my own ejaculate started with an ex-gf. She had difficulty swallowing during oral sex (it was a volume issue and sex wanted to swallow as something she enjoyed to do, no pressure from me), so we had a pretty frank discussion about how we could work on it. First, the discussion created healthy vulnerability and an enhanced level of comfort. Then, we took steps: it started with us sharing my ejaculate. I had never done that, but I realized I liked it, and I felt more in touch with my own body. So, I've since done sometimes it when I masturbate and with partners. It's healthy - enjoy yourself.

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