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No sex life

By Stardino22 on May 1, 2017 at 4:40 AM

Ok , I'm not sure where to start. But I need help.
I'm female and 22
I've been with my boyfriend (31) for 2 years. We've never had a great sex life due to his mum passing away when we first got together and him battling the depression/grief etc

Now over a year on I'm still lucky if I get sex once a week, and it's not good sex, it lasts about 2 minutes with zero foreplay, he's just not interested. We have sex because I want it...

He will never touch me, I've asked many times for him just to come home at hello to me and occasionally grab my boobs or something, but he will never do this.

I love him, he loves me, but there's nothing else. I'm starting to feel like we're just two friends living in the same house sleeping in the same bed..
don't know what to do...

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Kate McCombs, MPH | May 2, 2017 at 4:41 PM | Reply | Report

I can imagine that this situation must be extremely frustrating for you. It sounds like your relationship has had some very unfortunate timing.

It's very normal for people to not want much sex when they are going through grief. I get that this isn't easy for you, but it's very normal that his desire is low. It likely has nothing to do with you.

Are you able to talk with him about how you wish your sex life were different? Is he sufficiently supported in managing his grief and depression?

This article may help a bit. It's written by a sex educator who writes about sex and depression.

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