A Scientific Guide to Successful Relationships
A Scientific Guide to Successful Relationships

Emily NagoskiAuthor Emily Nagoski has a Ph.D. in Health Behavior, with a concentration in Human Sexuality from Indiana University, and a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology also from IU, including a clinical internship at the Kinsey Institute Sexual Health Clinic.

A Scientific Guide to Successful Relationships-TOC by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.
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Table of Contents

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Part One: Attachment

  • What Is Attachment?
  • Behavioral Markers
  • Attachment Styles
  • Dynamics

Part Two: What We Give and Receive

  • Respect
  • Gratitude
  • Autonomy

Part Three: The Skills

  • Staying Over Your Own Emotional Center of Gravity
  • Listening
  • Self-assertion and self-protection

Part Four: Troubleshooting

  • Stress
  • Criticism
  • Conditional Positive Regard
  • Jealousy
  • Overfunctioning