Good in Bed Survey on Penis Perceptions

The full report is available in pdf format.

Penis Perceptions

Sexual Habits and Preferences

  • 25% of men report masturbating almost every day compared to 8.7% of women
  • 23.2% of respondents have never masturbated with a partner. Among those who have, it is an infrequent occurrence; once or twice in life (16.6%), a few times per year (21.6%), or once per month (15.2%)
  • 35.5% of respondents receive oral sex from a partner once or more a week
  • 40.3% report giving a partner oral sex once or more per week
  • 57.8% have vaginal intercourse once or more a week
  • 41.5% have never had anal intercourse
  • 55.1% of women state they have faked an orgasm compared to 30.7% of men
  • Women report either they (47.4%) or their partner (43.4%) orgasms first
  • Men report their partner (46.3%) orgasms first or they orgasm at the same time as their partner (36.6%)
  • Women state that sex currently lasts an average of 10 minutes but they would ideally like sex to last 15 minutes or more than 20 minutes
  • Men state sex currently lasts an average of 10 minutes but they would ideally like sex to last more than 20 minutes

Penis Perceptions: Comparing partners to men's opinions

  • 65.9% state it is 'quite a bit' or 'a little bit' their responsibility to give their partner an erection
  • The majority (50.2%) are very comfortable seeing their partner unaroused (flaccid) compared to only 26.3% of men who state they are very comfortable
  • 51.4% of partners prefer a circumcised penis or have no preference (39.3%) largely based on experience, appearance and considerations of hygiene/cleanliness
  • 45.0% of men wish their penis was longer in length
  • 65.9% of all respondents state they agree it isn't the size of the boat but it's the motion of ocean
  • Penis size is less important than creativity (71.9%), sexual communication (77.6%), experience (69.1%), connection (76.6%), or attraction (61.9%)

Premature Ejaculation: perceptions and behaviors

  • The most commonly cited belief is that anxiety (37.6%) causes premature ejaculation
  • Woman on top and side by side were selected as the positions that are most likely to slow down ejaculation
  • Doggy style is stated to be the position that most speeds up ejaculation
  • Most state they would discuss their or their partner's penis problem with their partner(70.4%), a doctor (58.9%), a therapist (40.7%)
  • Women are more likely than men to state they would discuss the problem with a friend (33% of women versus 20.3% men)
  • 57.1% report ejaculation before they want to 25-50% of the time
  • 64.2% report frustration at some time (25%-100% of the time) due to ejaculating before desired
  • 47.3% report being concerned half the time or more that their time to ejaculation leaves their partner sexually unfulfilled
  • 45.7% state they would be willing to try a penis enhancement product 'to last longer'
  • 90% of partners state that their partner's ejaculatory control is important

Erectile Dysfunction: perceptions and behaviors

  • 67.5% report their erection is usually completely hard and fully rigid with 22.7% reporting their penis is hard enough for penetration but not completely hard
  • 83.0% believe that erectile dysfunction impacts providing sexual pleasure in some way
  • 79.6% believe erectile dysfunction impacts impressing a partner
  • 39.7% state they would be willing to try a penis enhancement product for erectile difficulties
  • 49.3% of partners state erectile dysfunction would impact their self esteem quite a bit or very much

Demographics of participants

Demographics of Penis Perceptions Survey Respondents, N=14,408

Male (cismale)10,743 (74.6)
Female (cisfemale)3,352 (23.3)
Trans woman46 (0.3)
Trans man36 (0.2)
Intersex72 (0.5)
Gender Queer44 (0.3)
Gender Fluid22 (0.2)
Non-binary41 (0.3)
Other52 (0.4)
Sexual Orientation
Heterosexual/Straight12,166 (84.4)
Bisexual1,115 (7.7)
Homosexual/Lesbian/Gay849 (5.9)
Questioning/Uncertain137 (1.0)
Other1141 (1.0)
Relationship status
Single4,320 (30)
Married5,915 (41.1)
Partnered3,434 (23.8)
Separated166 (1.2)
Divorced374 (2.6)
Widowed37 (0.3)
Other2124 (0.9)

1Most cited 'other' include asexual, pansexual, and heteroflexible
2Most cited 'other' include various polyamorous and open relationship arrangements
Average respondent age is 33.90


Data were collected via an online survey. The final analytic sample included 14,408 respondents after accounting for missing data. Respondents (16.6%, N = 2,392) were recruited from mTurk, an Amazon crowdsourcing internet marketplace. The majority of the sample, 83.4% (N = 12,016), were recruited from general online methods including social networking such as Facebook and twitter, and email listservs.

Principal Investigator Contact Information:

Kristen Mark, PhD, MPH
122 Seaton Building
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506

The full report is available in pdf format.