Sex on the Brain matching “adultery”

Should your spouse be your Facebook friend? Maybe not.

Jack, a new patient who has been married for eight years with two young sons, rails against Facebook: "Let's see: yesterday my wife: Felt bloated Realized she has nothing to wear Posted yet another adorable photo album of our... Continue

Internet Infidelity: to snoop or not to snoop?

Like cell phones and hotel rooms, the Internet is a facilitator of infidelity, rather than a direct cause of it, but it's increasingly a catalyst for a particularly pernicious strain of cheating: emotional infidelity.... Continue

It's an "e-Motional" Affair

Welcome to the age of the "e-motional" affair, where infidelity is just click away, and cheating has become easier than setting up a Wii. From i-phones and blackberries to Facebook, Twitter, and Craig's List, technology isn't just enabling infidelity, it's... Continue