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Love, Actually

College students, man. They ask the best and the hardest questions. This is what they asked me yesterday: "When you're really interested in someone and then you get into a relationship with them and all your interest just evaporates... why... Continue

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

This came up on three separate occasions today, so it seems the fates want me to post about it: To end a relationship, you really must have no contact. Because remember attachment? Breaking up is about breaking the attachment, which...... Continue

The Honeymoon Phase

By request: Is there a honeymoon phase? Does it end? Yes. And yes. The honeymoon phase is made of attachment, the wildly powerful biological experience we tend to call "falling in love." (I'm such a romantic, eh?) It can last,... Continue

attachment, safer sex, money, equality, justice, etc

I've been writing lectures about safer sex and so I've been thinking about this fascinating stuff to do with the relationship between safer sex behaviors and attachment style. Briefly, safer sex is sexual decision-making and behavior that decreases (not necessarily... Continue