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How to take the "how to" out of the bedroom?

My husband and I have started a very fun journey of reconnecting and improving our bedroom skill set. The results are great (thanks Dr. Kerner for the fantastic books) but last night, I caught my husband referring to a guide... Continue

Anal Sex

My husband and I love each other tremendously, we have one major difference - he is absolutely turned on by the anus-during sex, he wants to play with that area or even me talking about it, I have tried full... Continue

She Doesn't Do Oral

When my wife and I were first married, I would get a blow job (without even asking -- though not to completion) after returning from a business trip. She has let me go down on her only a couple of... Continue

How to get closer to where we were emotionally, "In love".

I have been on this site since it started, I am wondering one thing, is it possible for my wife to fall in love with me again? There is so much communication in our relationship, most often from her end,... Continue

Lack of Communication

I've been with my boyfriend for about two years now, and the sex between us has dwindled down to about once a week. I've tried to explain to him that I would like to have sex more than once a... Continue

Am I missing some way of communicating?

I am think i am missing something communication wise in my current relationship. I've been seeing a woman for about 6 months now. We talk all the time but the more I'm with her the more she seems to not... Continue

Are you comfortable talking about sex?

How hard is it to initiate a conversation with a partner? Are you and your partner equally comfortable having a conversation about sex? And what do you do when there's a "blush-factor" to talking about sex? Is it easier to... Continue


I had been in a long distance relationship, we had been dating for several years prior to his relocation. When he left town, I had difficulty with health issues, low libido, stress, varied of emotions: anger, frustration he could not... Continue

Want to Feel Wanted

Ive been reading a lot of these comments and questions and cant figure out the answer to mine. I've been with my husband for 11 years now and we have two small children. He works a pretty high stress job... Continue

Just Started Having Sex and Already a Little Lost

I'm 29 and just started having sex with well, my manfriend, if you will. He's pretty rad. However, I have no clue what I'm doing. Thankfully, he's quite experienced, otherwise our sex life would suck, I'm sure. I was a... Continue

At an Impasse, Can Someone Help?

My wife and I have been together for 6 years. She generally has a high libido but is very passive about it, I on the other hand have a pretty normal libido (I think) and can be both the aggressor... Continue

Bait and Switch or Issues?

Wife and I are 47. Married 5 years. At first when I lived in another state and I'd come to visit it was through the door, clothes on the floor, sex at least twice a day every day. As time... Continue

Polyamory - Sister Wives

I have a question about and want to start a thread on multi-partner relationships. Specifically one man and two women. We are not FLDS, but we have looked at this from a biblical perspective. We are all over 50 grandparents.... Continue

Abstinence for Non-Virgins

So, I'm 26 and am not new to the world of sex by any means! However, as of just over two months ago I started dating a man who, for religious reasons, doesn't have sex. I'm learning more about religion,... Continue