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I have a problem with ejaculating too hard

I've had a problem over the years that when I ejaculate, I need at least a 6 to 12 hours (depending on the day) to re-cooperate until I start again. When I masturbate, its the same. My main question is,... Continue

Problem With Ejaculation

I had prostate surgery a couple of years ago. I recently found that I have a problem. I have been to a urinary doctor, who told me that the problem I have is common from prostate surgery. Well, I don't... Continue

Boyfriend Does Not Orgasm

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over a year and in that time, he has never ejaculated, both during intercourse and oral sex. He says this is normal and he only ejaculates during masturbation, but even then little... Continue

No Sex, No Erection, No Ejaculation Since 1997

I am a 64 yro male. I have had difficulty getting an erection at times where it was needed a lot of my life. I usually had no problems at all with masturbation up to about 1997 then, even that... Continue

What I think of when I ejaculate

It helps me to get excited and ejaculate when I think of someone else when having sex with my wife. Is this normal? Sometimes I think of a woman in our neighborhood, then when i see her I feel funny.... Continue

Oral Sex Issue

Usually my wife will perform limited fellatio on me, prior to intercourse. I wish it were longer but she gets aroused too much to continue and wants me inside her right away. Sometimes, however, if she is very aroused and... Continue

Problem with Erection

First the background. I am 55 , divorced two years ago after 32 years of marriage. I have masturbated from my teen years. I developed a addiction to porn before my divorce. I also started having problems getting or holding... Continue

Increase Masturbation Experience

I want to know if there are ways and or techniques to increase orgasm during masturbation and also increase period of ejaculation. Are there any proven supplements that can be used? Are there any secret pills or gadgets that can... Continue

SADD Victim

I stumbled on an article that you wrote on SADD and I believe I'm a victim. Porn was a huge part of my sexual life and masturbation will follow the frequent use of porn. After I married the girl I... Continue

Male Orgasm Without Ejaculation

I am a 55 year old divorced male, and until age 50 the words orgasm and ejaculation were synonyms. Over the last 5 years, I find it becoming more common for me to have what can be best explained as... Continue

Husband is Concerned Over Occassional Erection Issues

Hubby & I have been married 27 years-I'm 47 he's 51. We have a great & frequent sex life. I'm more sexual the past 7 years then ever. He however has been having some slight issues. Every now & then... Continue


hey, am a lady by the way,(forgot to indicate that in the last q i got mixed answers)anyway,a wanna ask, any ways of tolerating cum from my partner? we haven't gone down on each other yet but out of previous... Continue

Oral Sex

I also have another question regarding oral sex..I can take it or leave it..The part that makes me want to leave it totally is the act of swallowing a man's semen..I have only done it approx 3 times in all... Continue