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When Fantasies Become Reality

Kaye Wellings, a respected British biologist, wrote "Fantasies perform a valuable function. Most of us, most of the time, behave conservatively, sexually and otherwise. Our erotic experiences represent only the tip of the iceberg in terms of possibilities. Many possibilities... Continue

Why do I fantasize about my wife with another man?

I often fantasize about wife making love to another man. There have been many love making sessions between my wife and I, in which during the sessions we have whispered to each other, fantasies of her making love to a... Continue

How Do I Tease My New Boyfriend?

my new boyfriend told me he liked to be teased in the bedroom department and i don't know how i could tease him, can anyone give me some tip's please... Continue

Permissible Affair?

My husband introduced to the thought of me having an affair. Our marriage and sex are good. I read of men fantasizing their wife having a lover. I am excited about the thought of having an affair...maybe to excited that... Continue

Fantasy Turning Into Reality

My wife and I have a very adventurous sex life both physically and mentally, and are never afraid to share turn ons with each other or try something new and indulge each other. But recently we have been having frequent... Continue

Wife Watching-Problem or Normal?

Been married for many years and very happy. I thought I was weird but after talking to at least 4 other men with the same fantasy maybe I'm not. For years I have fantasized about watching my very pretty wife... Continue

What I think of when I ejaculate

It helps me to get excited and ejaculate when I think of someone else when having sex with my wife. Is this normal? Sometimes I think of a woman in our neighborhood, then when i see her I feel funny.... Continue

Fantasy with Someone Else

As I have posted elsewhere, wife & I have each recently allowed the other to have a sex encounter with another person. Deal was spouse got to watch, condoms mandatory, & it could not be a friend or co-worker. In... Continue


My new boyfriend wants to know what my fantasies are and I dont really have many. Besides role play I feel like I need some suggestions. He says he is up for anything and I feel 100% comfortable with him... Continue

What is a man's favorite sexual fantasy and why?

I'd love to hear from the men on this discussion site what is a man's favorite sexual fantasy and why? And how might a woman best fulfill this desire?... Continue

Could I be Gay?

Okay, I am a female and love men! I have been married (now divorced), I have children & I date guys regularly. Ever since I was very young up until I lost my virginity at an early age (14) I... Continue

Boyfriend's Lingerie Love Affair

I am sometimes pretty open about sex and different acts and desires but sometimes I feel like I have left myself out there to my boyfriend and he's running his own show fantasizing about my underwear (and I think secretly... Continue

Sexual Satisfaction After Prostrate Cancer Surgery

I am 71 years old and sexually active with my spouse which is 56 years of age. I had prostrate cancer surgery in 2002, however with the aid of various types of pills, I am able to get an erection... Continue

Threesome - Double Penetration

So my husband and I had another MFM with the same guy we had seen previously. Both he and my husband have very large penises, however, during the heat of the moment I suggested double penetration (one lying down with... Continue

Anal Sex Advice

In the instances that my wife and I do have sex, she is willing to indulge in all but one of my desires/fantasies. I have wanted to have anal sex with her for years. We have talked about it and... Continue

Husband's attitude with anal obsession turning me off!

My husband says I'm closed minded, but the truth is that he's really just talking about anal. He has an anal fetish, and I do not. I'm not religiously opposed or otherwise against it. I just don't particularly care for... Continue