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Multiple Orgasms Made Easy

OK guys, ready for a little math class? I may have nearly failed out of high school algebra, but when it comes to sexual mathematics (at least multiplying female orgasms), being a sex therapist puts me at the head of... Continue

Sexual Self-Esteem

I'm about to let you in on a secret about women that we've been keeping for a long time: For many of us, it's much easier to give pleasure than it is to receive. There are few things that can... Continue

"Energy Orgasms"

Want to learn how to achieve 487 different kinds of orgasms? If so, you're reading the wrong article. Despite what many magazines would have you believe, there's no such thing as a rainbow variety of orgasms--and you're not sexually... Continue

The 90 Second Window

In my new book Overcoming Premature Ejaculation, I discuss my own battles with the issue, as well as my journey to recovery and the techniques I developed for sexually satisfying a woman. Part of my journey to sexual health... Continue

Positions for Maximum Pleasure

At Good in Bed, we know that certain positions are more useful than others for maximizing pleasure. Keeping an open mind about the multitude of positions available to be used during intercourse can be a smart strategy for a lifetime... Continue

Quick Question: My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With My Orgasm -- HELP!

First things first, no one gives you an orgasm. You have an orgasm. Although it might seem like a gift in its culmination of erotic pleasure, it's yours. So your boyfriend should try to get that idea out of his... Continue

How Do I Ask My Boyfriend to Make Me Ejaculate?

I want my boyfriend to try to make me ejaculate. How do I ask him to do that? "Hey there, lustbucket of my heart, would you be interested in making me ejaculate?" is a good start. I'm going to assume... Continue

Maximizing Female Pleasure

When guys banter about sex among themselves, rare is the man who says, "I made love to her as subtly and lightly as a feather." But that language would be more appropriate, as the inner two-thirds of the vagina are... Continue

Orgasm Inc.

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of a documentary called Orgasm, Inc. The film, by Liz Canner, chronicles the race for pharmaceutical companies to get FDA approval on "pink Viagra" -- that is, a pill for... Continue

The Window of Female Orgasmic Opportunity

Can't last as long as you'd like to during sex? It may not even matter. The truth is you could last longer  than the director's cut of Inception, and it wouldn't make a bit of difference if you weren't giving... Continue

The Art of Simultaneous Satisfaction

Romance novels and movies are awash in simultaneous orgasms. Hero and Heroine (read that like you're Dudley Do-Right) cross that exquisite threshold, launch themselves willingly over a trembling edge, and tumble downward in a spiraling, panting tangle of sheets and... Continue

Female Orgasm

Women definitely have the advantage over men in the area of sexuality in the sense that they can experience not only multiple orgasms, but can even reach orgasm through different stimulation in different areas.  There are women who can reach... Continue