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Difficulty Giving Girlfriend Orgasm

My girlfriend and I have been together for a little over a year and were best friends for about 8 years before that. We are both 22 years old and we are each others first and only as far as... Continue

clitoral stimulation

Is oral the best was to stimulate the clitoris and help her to orgasm? What other methods are good for stimulating her clitoris?... Continue

never had an orgasm

I'm 30 years old, have had many partners, have masturbated, have tried just "forgetting about it", have tried relaxing and getting it off my mind, have gone to sex therapy, have gone to regular therapy, am completely comfortable with my... Continue

orgasm reaction

I've been dating my girlfriend for almost 4 months now. The sex is very good for both of us. When we first started having sex I could tell she was trying not to have an orgasm. When I approached her... Continue

All About the Female Orgasm

It's been nearly fifty years since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, (and practically fifteen years of hanging around with the women of Sex and the City), so why is it that many women still fake orgasm on a regular... Continue

Female ejaculation orgasm

My girlfriend releases a great deal of fluid (female ejaculation?) when she has an orgasm. This is a source of anxiousness and embarrassment for her and we are unsure about the facts on this topic. Leading up to an orgasm... Continue

guy who is quick in bed

Does it matter to a woman how a man gives her an orgasm? If he's really good at foreplay, does that make up for him being quick with intercourse?... Continue

Orgasm in Only One Position

For years, I've struggled with the inability to orgasm unless I'm in one position: straight as a board from my head down to my toes, lower back arched, with toes pointed and all of my leg and lower back muscles... Continue

cunnilingus question

When I go down on a girl she tells me a lot of times to go faster with my tongue strokes. However, I feel like I should keep on slow and escalate later to build up more orgasmic pressure. What... Continue

Maintaining interest after an orgasm

My husband enjoys making sure I come before he does, and believe me - I appreciate it. The problem is that before I have an orgasm for the first time during a lovemaking session I am very turned on and... Continue

Low sex drive

Hello; I am wondering what I can do to help my wife to get a sex drive. We have sex once every 2 month or so. She claims she has an orgasm when I go down on her. I have... Continue


My girl friend is 52 and tells me she has never had an orgasm. She just got out of a 34 year marriage and tells me that her ex was the "hit it and roll over" type. I have always... Continue

Never ending 'Plateau' phase

Does anyone have any advice, pointers, ? for someone who can't seem to get out of the plateau phase. I am a slightly inexperienced 35 yr old but can get out of it by myself with vibrators but with partners... Continue


I'm 26 and I've been with my husband for 12 years. He was my first and is my only. Lately, I've been wondering what it would be like to be with another man. Is this normal? Should I act on... Continue

Dirty Talk

I'll be blunt. My wife can only cum when I talk dirty to her, esp. calling her a whore, a slut, etc. It is fun sometimes, but it is getting routine, and it is alot of work for me esp.... Continue

Female Orgasm

All my life (I'm the mother of 3) I've never had an orgasm with a partner. Years ago I discovered a clitoral stimulator...needless to say I have used one ever since. My current partner seems to be getting frustrated that... Continue

Wife's Lack of Arousal

My wife is getting quite frustrated. She is having a hard time with her arousal. She has a real hard time reaching orgasm. We have tried numerous things, massages, lots of fore play, kissing, touching, even talking. Not even oral... Continue

BF with Low Sex Drive

I've been in a relationship with a great guy for nearly a year. He is amazing in bed, and at the beginning of our relationship we seemingly couldn't get enough of each other. Now things are "normalizing" I guess, and... Continue

She Says The Point is to Cum! :(

we are both 24, she is slightly older than me but i tend to be the mature one and she is still a bit of a teenager... we are crazy about each other and our relationship is either out of... Continue

Still Haven't Had An Orgasm... (yet)

I still have never had an orgasm (yet), not even through clitoral stimulation, and not through intercourse. I know I am able to, but I seem to always stop right before. Sometimes it just gets so intense that I can't... Continue

Wife Unable To Orgasm

First we've been together for 12 years, and married for most of the time. She is not on any meds, but is overweight. She has what I believe is a normal level stress at work as a RN, occasionally too... Continue

Can't Masturbate to Orgasm

I would like to crave sex with my husband more, but I think the problem is that I never orgasm during sex and am frustrated by never feeling fulfilled. I have never been able to bring myself to climax either...except... Continue

Unchartered Territory

I'm a man in my late 30's and since the day I was sexually active, I've always prided myself on my ability to please my partner. It has not been uncommon for me to get a woman off over 10x's... Continue

Orgasms Suddenly Going Off Track?

I'm a healthy 39 year old woman. About 1 year ago I suddenly started experiencing disappointing orgasms. If the process were climbing a mountain and sliding down the other side, then I've been climbing up a third of the way... Continue

Female Post Orgasm Intercourse

I posted this in an older thread about female orgasm but didn't get any response so I hope to hear from some females here. My question: I have PE and my wife (of 14 years) only has clitoral orgasms. She... Continue

Too Much Cunnilingus?

Ok not gonna lie, I had to look-up that word Anyway, I really enjoy going down on my wife and doing that until she has an orgasm. To me, this is nothing more sexy and exciting than watching her... Continue