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Why does he not like oral sex or to be 'caressed' there?

My boyfriend absolutely refuses to allow me to perform oral sex on him. Says he doesn't care for it, that he never has. Also, he refuses to be touched anywhere in the penis or scrotum area. I don't get it!... Continue

Problems Ejaculating/Orgasms

I am a 29 year old male. The last two women I have had sex with, I have had some problems achieving orgasm. It is just so frustrating. I mean I lasted for a long time, the ladies certainly didn't... Continue

Wet and Wide

I have been married for 26 years and have had sexual problems. Vaginal Sex is frustrating, Oral sex hurts due inexperience (scratched with teeth or fingernails) Wife mid 40's gets excited and her vagina seems to open more. She also... Continue

Young With No Sex Drive

I am 24, married for almost 2 years and almost NEVER want sex. This is nothing new, I honestly cant remember a time I actively wanted to have sex. I adore my husband, and we openly communicate about sex frequently,... Continue

Longevity vs Anxiety?

For brevity I'll jump right in: my GF and I have a couple of issues in bed. One: I often ejaculate before she orgasms leaving her extremely aroused and frustrated with lack of release. She refuses any additional advances after... Continue

Whats Wrong With Me...?

Well, second generation virgin. The last time I even remotely had sex was in the mid 80's (was Regan in the white house then). Even then I don't think I actually did it. It happened so fast and quickly I... Continue

Still Haven't Had An Orgasm... (yet)

I still have never had an orgasm (yet), not even through clitoral stimulation, and not through intercourse. I know I am able to, but I seem to always stop right before. Sometimes it just gets so intense that I can't... Continue

Can't Masturbate to Orgasm

I would like to crave sex with my husband more, but I think the problem is that I never orgasm during sex and am frustrated by never feeling fulfilled. I have never been able to bring myself to climax either...except... Continue

Sex and the Christian Single

I am a Christian and have been divorced and alone for 17 years. Per my faith, teachings in church, it is a sin for me to think about sex, have sex with someone, or masturbate. This is a very frustrating... Continue


I had been in a long distance relationship, we had been dating for several years prior to his relocation. When he left town, I had difficulty with health issues, low libido, stress, varied of emotions: anger, frustration he could not... Continue

SADD Victim

I stumbled on an article that you wrote on SADD and I believe I'm a victim. Porn was a huge part of my sexual life and masturbation will follow the frequent use of porn. After I married the girl I... Continue

Sex at Age 70

My wife went off hormones about 10 years ago. Sex was still mutually very good until two years ago. At 69 she now has difficulty with intimacy or arousal. Could she go back on hormones? Or, are there other alternative... Continue

Husband is Concerned Over Occassional Erection Issues

Hubby & I have been married 27 years-I'm 47 he's 51. We have a great & frequent sex life. I'm more sexual the past 7 years then ever. He however has been having some slight issues. Every now & then... Continue

Questions Regarding Bedroom Boredom Survey by Kristen Mark

I was astonished (but not too much)to read the results of the bedroom boredom survey. I will admit that I am in the group that would call our sex life comatose and sometimes DOA. My question is this; Are we... Continue