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It's an "e-Motional" Affair

Welcome to the age of the "e-motional" affair, where infidelity is just click away, and cheating has become easier than setting up a Wii. From i-phones and blackberries to Facebook, Twitter, and Craig's List, technology isn't just enabling infidelity, it's... Continue

With Facebook Friends Like That...

The movie "The Social Network" is about to hit theaters--but is your marriage already taking a hit from Facebook? If so, join me at Good in Bed, where we're discussing the downside of social networking. We all know how the... Continue

Emotional Affairs: the New Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is the new threat to loving relationships. An emotional affair starts as friendship, often with colleagues or seemingly harmless online relationships, and slowly progresses to something more. A gradual blurring of the lines between friendship and deeper intimacy... Continue

5 signs a partner may be having an emotional affair

Picking up on the signs of an emotional affair isn't always easy. Many people wonder how they didn't know sooner. Others worry that their relationship paranoia is unfounded (and it may be). Ultimately, only you can know what your... Continue

6 relationship weak-spots for emotional infidelity

Most people don't set out to have an emotional affair. Rather, it just happens, usually as a friendly relationship snowballs into something more meaningful. A common myth is that only people in unhappy relationships have emotional affairs. In fact,... Continue

The Internet & Emotional Infidelity

When two people meet in a chat room or strike up an email relationship, it's easy to begin idealizing each other and blur the line between fantasy and reality. An intense sense of intimacy is quickly fostered. Sharing personal details... Continue

Cheating Without Touching

Attraction is magnified by an emotional connection. When one partner starts sharing himself or herself with another person, it chips away at the foundation of their relationship--and starts building a foundation for a new relationship. Part of what makes a... Continue

Why People in Happy Relationships Cheat

In her book Not "Just Friends" Dr. Shirley Glass reported that 82 percent of unfaithful people started out being acquaintances, neighbors or coworkers with their affair partners. In other words, people who are unfaithful to their partners weren't looking for... Continue

When & How to Snoop

Transparency is important in any relationship, from the professional to the personal, but especially in our romantic relationships. If you wouldn't say or do something in front of your partner, it's generally best not to say or do it in... Continue

Confronting Your Partner about Infidelity

Whether by chance or because you suspected something was wrong and snooped, finding evidence that your partner has cheated is a heart-breaking discovery. The initial shock is likely to trigger feelings of anger, sadness and everything in between. And as... Continue

Coming Clean about Infidelity

After an affair is discovered, betrayed partners often want to know everything--from start to finish--about a partner's infidelity. It can feel overwhelming to the partner who strayed to answer questions and provide details that are only going to create more... Continue

Managing Anger after Discovering Infidelity

Some people react angrily when they learn of a partner's infidelity. Others respond calmly. Most people find that they swing between the two extremes in the days, weeks and, sometimes, months following the discovery of a partner's infidelity.  The aftermath... Continue

Infidelity and the Emotional Aftermath

Emotions run rampant after disclosure of an affair and many people aren't able to get a grip on themselves, let alone what the future of the relationship holds. It's best in these times to adopt a wait-and-see approach. In her... Continue

After the Affair: Can a Person Heal from Infidelity

Absolutely. After the pain of infidelity has been mined and trust has been firmly restored, a couple can learn some important lessons that will help solidify their relationship. The irony is that sometimes an infidelity can be a catalyst for... Continue

What would you do?

Your buddy's wife decides to "friend" her ex on Facebook. Your local politician gets busted sending pictures of his private parts to his campaign workers. Your sister tells you her boyfriend wants her to watch pornography with him. It's easy... Continue