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The Young and The Sexless...

My wife and I have had a pretty disappointing sex life since we were married about five years ago (it was good when we were dating). On average we have sex about once every couple of months. What's strange about... Continue

Sex is just not important to my wife

My wife & I are both early 40s /married for 16 years. We're in love and have a strong relationship in almost all areas. Unfortunately, she is not interested in sex, and never really has been. Anyone close to us... Continue

Can't have orgasm/Sex Addiction

I'm a 29 year old male who has dealt with the guilt and shame of sex addiction since in 5th grade. Since that time, I have found it necessary to masturbate 2-3 times daily. My habits have moved to web... Continue

Husband Not Physically Satified, So I'm Not Sexual

My husband and i have been married almost two years, since we were married i have gain some weight (20lbs). I am feeling insecure about how i look and my husband has definitely noticed. Without a positive effect on my... Continue

Scared on a New Intimate Relationship

I have been in a very difficult relationship (NOT abusive at all) for the past 3 years, we are not married. The sex was sooooo good that it was just made us speechless, but thing didn't work out, so now,... Continue

Different Outlooks on Sex

I am 1.5 years out of a 13 year marriage. I met a wonderful woman a month after we first separated, and over time we became more than friends. We have since moved in together and are working on merging... Continue

Widowhood and Lack of Sex/Intimacy

I am a 62 year old healthy but sexually/intimacy frustrated widow. My husband died suddenly 10 years ago - but until that time we were both healthy, athletic, totally in love & enjoyed a wonderful, creative monogamous sex life. I... Continue


How can I get my wife to increase our frequency of intimacy?... Continue

Women Performing Oral

Is it really that bad? I groom and make sure to smell clean & fresh, and my wife will, and is eh, decent at it, but doesn't like it. Have any other women out there that have experienced this, and... Continue

Reintroduce Sex into my Marriage

For the life of me, I cannot get some sort of normal sex life reintroduced into my marriage. We are in our mid-40's, healthy, and fairly happy. The problem is that my wife has no interest is sex at all.... Continue

Open Marriage

How do introduce this to my wife! I want to date and be intimate of other people?... Continue

No Sex

i am a 62 year old male how can i get my wife to want more sex once a year is not enough i recently survived a stroke and open heart surgery my was never very sexually active but now... Continue

How do you Maintain Intimacy for the Long Haul?

Good in Bed has partnered with K-Y Brand on the Intimacy Experiment, a free 10-day program designed to help you keep the spark alive. Download it here, and let us know if you have any questions or need any advice... Continue

Sex at Age 70

My wife went off hormones about 10 years ago. Sex was still mutually very good until two years ago. At 69 she now has difficulty with intimacy or arousal. Could she go back on hormones? Or, are there other alternative... Continue

When you are a 70 year old woman living alone?

I would so love the touch of a man, leading to sex. But, there has been no man to touch, for at least 10 years. I have a fabulous electric vibrator-but that doesn't do it. I am pretty and can... Continue

Slow Learner

Over 40 years of marriage I have tried to be sensitive to my wife's sexual needs. When I used my mouth on her nipples she always said, "Don't do that." So I thought she didn't like her nipples stimulated. Likewise... Continue

Wife says Sex is Not Important to Her

Have been married for over 26 years and well, I am in bit of hurt right now. My wife admitted last night that she does not find sex to be important to her though she knows she should. For the... Continue