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Hormonal Birth Control and Desire

My boyfriend and I have been together for about three years, and over this period of time, I've used three different types of hormonal birth control (still on my third.) Long story short, despite my sustained erotic interest, my body... Continue

Masturbation in the shower vs. sex in bed with my wife.

Ok, I've been reading several of the questions and answers here, and while they all hit home on my topic, none of them fit like a glove so here I am. I love my wife, I really do. I want... Continue

She has LOW SEX Drive and I am Quick to ejaculate

I am a 47 yr old male and been married for 16 yrs to my wife...She has a Low or non- existent sex drive...She accommodates me with intercourse every few days as she knows I need it, even if she... Continue

low libido

Very quickly I read the article about porn and low libido. I've had erection problems with real women since the age of 17. I have been a daily masturbator most of my life since 13, but never even watched porn... Continue

The Young and The Sexless...

My wife and I have had a pretty disappointing sex life since we were married about five years ago (it was good when we were dating). On average we have sex about once every couple of months. What's strange about... Continue

Sex is almost gone.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. We love each other very much but "Sex is almost gone". We both work normal schedules and when we are together enjoy spending time. We both take anti-depressants for... Continue

Sex: how much does it really matter?

In any long-term relationship, it's natural for sexual desire to ebb and flow. But what about when libidos are permanently mismatched, or a little rut has turned into a permanent slump? Is it legitimate to give up on a relationship... Continue

Not Interested-

I am 25 married with 2 babies (2 1/2, 15 mo). I have completely lost my sex drive. If i had my way, I would never have sex. I used to be very into it- but recently there's all sorts... Continue

Libido, what's that? He doesn't have one!

We haven't been married even 2 yrs. yet and sex is almost non existent. We use to have sex every day up until about last year. Then every 2 weeks. Now maybe every two months! I just found out that... Continue

What To Do?

So I have been seeing this amazing guy for a little over 2 yrs. Everything is great except for one major problem, we still haven't had sex. Things always arise, and it happens on both ends. It really is ridiculous...... Continue

Therapy for a Therapist?

My wife is a well respected therapist in a moderate sized city in the South. We both have been married previously, and in this marriage for the past three years. When we were dating our sex life was ok, but... Continue

No Longer In The Mood...

On May 17, 2010 I became a full-time caregivers for my boyfriend following his stroke. He is 57 and I'm 44. Of course he currently has only slight movement in his left leg and no movement in his left arm.... Continue