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Why do I fantasize about my wife with another man?

I often fantasize about wife making love to another man. There have been many love making sessions between my wife and I, in which during the sessions we have whispered to each other, fantasies of her making love to a... Continue

What do guys REALLY want?

Just wanting opinions. What is it that men REALLY want? Not just sexually, but emotionally, physically AND sexually? I've been with my husband for 10 years and we have two small children. He is VERY busy with work and I... Continue

Sex is almost gone.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years. We love each other very much but "Sex is almost gone". We both work normal schedules and when we are together enjoy spending time. We both take anti-depressants for... Continue

Sex Drive

Ok. I have been married to a wonderful man for 5 years. He has a heart of gold and we love each other very much. The problem is, he has low testosterone levels and therefore very low sex drive. He... Continue

How do you know if/when it is time to end your marriage?

I am a 46 y/o woman. I've been married for 26 yrs. Our kids are grown, but the youngest is still at home. I'm not happy. Neither is he. We've tried counseling, talking, arguing..nothing changes. We have had the same... Continue

Husband Attracted to Pre-op Transsexuals

My husband of 9 years revealed that he is only attracted to pre-operation or non-operation M2F transsexuals. He had such relationship 20 years old briefly while in college. Our sex life is non-existent for the past 2 months. Is my... Continue


How can I get my wife to increase our frequency of intimacy?... Continue

Why Do I Do This?

I am 24 will be 25 in August. I am about to get married to my high school sweetheart of 11yrs in May. We have a 2 yr old daughter together. I have recently been cheating on him. I actually... Continue

Husbands and Oral Sex

How do you get your wife to give oral sex at request and not only during the act of sex? Or is this a unusual request for a man to ask his wife?... Continue

Single Women and Married Women

My wife told me the reason single women want sex more than married women has nothing to do with desire or need for sex. It's the mental aspect of the chase! Married women want sex just as much, but after... Continue

Do I Stay or Do I Go?

Do to limited space I can't go into great detail but my marriage is severely on the rocks. After 10 years of marriage my husband has told me I'm boring in bed and that he's not IN love with me... Continue

Don't Know What To Do

Hi. Got married THINKING I had my own bi/gay issues understood, but am finding myself afraid I made a horrible mistake after still Facebooking and having virtual "flings". Come from a past where mom was overbearing (capital "OVER"), Pop was... Continue

Polyamory - Sister Wives

I have a question about and want to start a thread on multi-partner relationships. Specifically one man and two women. We are not FLDS, but we have looked at this from a biblical perspective. We are all over 50 grandparents.... Continue