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Hey, Beautiful

Let me introduce to you the thinking girls' crumpet David Mitchell, of brain and eyes and epeolatry (uh, she said iambic pentameter-ously). It's important that you know who he is just in principle, but also because he is sand in... Continue

Beauty And The Guardian

Apparently women prefer facial masculinity as a function of national health index. Which is interesting. If you come from a rich, healthy country, you're more likely to prefer a feminine male face, whereas if you come from a poorer, lower... Continue

Beauty... Again.

Yes, my bit there last week about male beauty begs the question, "Is quaffed perfection what men want?" If it's not true that straight women want the lapidary man of magazine covers and romance novels, could it be that men... Continue

What Women Want (1)

Thanks to Brody's useful comment, I've decided to spend a bunch of time focused on helping men understand women. We are, it's true, a complex stew of contradictory feelings and ideas. We are mysterious and sometimes demanding. But we're AMAZING... Continue

What Women Want (2)

We're looking at What Women Want Wednesday again. This is the second in the I-don't-know-how-many-parts series. This week women want... ... to be wanted. I mean waaaaaanted. Without that feeling of being wanted... well, it's awful to feel that your... Continue

Ode To Penises

This is exactly what my life is like some days: But let's give the penis fair dues. I've described it as a workhorse, Watson to the clitoris' Holmes, and that's true. Where the clitoris is discriminating and specific, the penis... Continue

On Novelty

So I was driving home from my sister's last night, turning over David Mitchell's most recent column in my head. Briefly, it's about the impenetrably derivative nature of broadcast media these days, and calls for originality, novelty rather than adaptation.... Continue

Boys And The Hookup Culture

Here's what a lot of men say to me: "Well, but I think it's true that a lot of men are just after sex and they don't want relationships.... Not me - any random, non-relationship sex I've had was initiated... Continue