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Oral Sex and Safer Sex

For safe oral sex, the off-label use of dental dams was the gold standard for a long time. A dental dam is a rectangular piece of thin latex that dentists use during dental procedures to have their work nice and... Continue

Do Men Like Giving Oral Sex?

Your Sex Question: I'm afraid to let a guy to go down on me because I've heard men don't like performing oral sex. Is it true? This couldn't be further from the truth. As the author of "She Comes First"... Continue

Maximizing Female Pleasure

When guys banter about sex among themselves, rare is the man who says, "I made love to her as subtly and lightly as a feather." But that language would be more appropriate, as the inner two-thirds of the vagina are... Continue

When a Man Won't Go Down

Ladies, have you ever come across a man who just seems to be unable, unwilling, or avoidant when it comes to giving you oral sex? Even when you have tried your best to convince and cajole him into going down... Continue