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oral sex

I want to pleasure my lover orally, she has only allowed this very (very)infrequent. Regarding those infrequencies, she has climaxed and enjoyed. However it seems to be the 'dirty' stigma she has attached. Not a problem to me, I want... Continue

cunnilingus question

When I go down on a girl she tells me a lot of times to go faster with my tongue strokes. However, I feel like I should keep on slow and escalate later to build up more orgasmic pressure. What... Continue

oral sex

Is it normal to get wet while giving head? It happens a lot. Is it messed up if you are just a giver, I never receive...what should I do about it?... Continue

Oral Sex

My partner does not like oral sex. can i know are there any disadvantages from oral sex. Is oral sex the cause of any kind of disease or not? please advise... Continue

She Doesn't Do Oral

When my wife and I were first married, I would get a blow job (without even asking -- though not to completion) after returning from a business trip. She has let me go down on her only a couple of... Continue

Oral Sex

Hi i really dont understand y my spouse is not at all interested in Oral sex.. Please advise how can i make her to do that with me... Continue

Please Help - I've Lost the Desire!!!

I've been in a relationship for 8 years and we have 1 child together. when we first got together our sex was great but over the years our sex life has went down the drain, I'm not saying he's doing... Continue

Oral Sex

What is the one thing that drives a man insane with desire when you give him a blow job? What is his most sensitive spot during oral sex?... Continue

Safe oral sex

My previous experience with condoms (knows as rubbers, then) was as a birth control device. Recently widowed and beginning to date again, I am confused about using condoms as a health/safety measure. I am assuming that if you are not... Continue

Flavored Lubes Safe for Oral Sex?

My partner and I bought flavored lube for oral sex play. I am wondering if there are brands that are safer to avoid yeast infections for her? I would hate to be the only one to enjoy the fun.... Continue

Oral Sex Tricks and Tips

Ok so I've been together with my boyfriend for over two years and like any guy, he likes getting oral sex and doesn't mind giving me oral sex but I don't really like it. The taste of the pre stuff... Continue

Oral Sex

Why my wife of 16 years suddenly told me "I do not like it". I cannot believe it. What could be the reason? She will not answer. Thank you --Mike... Continue

Want More Oral Sex

I love receiving oral sex from my boyfriend but, he doesn't do it very often. I have asked him many times if it is not something he enjoys and he always says that he likes it but he doesn't do... Continue

Oral Sex Issue

Usually my wife will perform limited fellatio on me, prior to intercourse. I wish it were longer but she gets aroused too much to continue and wants me inside her right away. Sometimes, however, if she is very aroused and... Continue

Erect Penis

I do find the Penis very beautiful. I suppose if you are 100% straight you will not like to look at a cock. A Erect Penis looks very beautiful in a mouth. I think it is a very special thing... Continue

Teeth Issues in Kissing and Oral Sex

As a young person I was involved in an accident and unfortunately lost all top teeth. Had to get a top set of dentures. Can a man tell when you kiss him or by oral sex that you have a... Continue

Husbands and Oral Sex

How do you get your wife to give oral sex at request and not only during the act of sex? Or is this a unusual request for a man to ask his wife?... Continue

Husband Who is All for Himself and Does Nothing to Me

I have this crazy problem. I am remarried to a man that is my soul mate.. he is truly amazing. I am deeply in love with him and he makes me very happy. I am very attracted to him sexually..... Continue

Slow Learner

Over 40 years of marriage I have tried to be sensitive to my wife's sexual needs. When I used my mouth on her nipples she always said, "Don't do that." So I thought she didn't like her nipples stimulated. Likewise... Continue

Oral Sex

I also have another question regarding oral sex..I can take it or leave it..The part that makes me want to leave it totally is the act of swallowing a man's semen..I have only done it approx 3 times in all... Continue