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How Sex Works

The best way to think about sexual arousal is the Dual Control Model of Sexual Response, a newish theory developed at the Kinsey Institute by Erick Janssen and John Bancroft. As you might guess from the name, the dual control... Continue

Do You Know When You Want It?

This is the sort of thing I forget people don't know. Female sexual response is typically characterized by "responsive desire," while male sexual response is more likely characterized by "spontaneous desire." (I'm going for biological categories rather than social categories... Continue


This is another one of those things I forget people don't know. Sensation is contextual. What I mean is, you know how when someone tickles you and you're feeling all playful and fun and it's enjoyable? And then there's other... Continue

Sex Advice, Sex Education. How To.

What's good advice? Is it advice someone takes? Advice that you believe to be right, regardless of how the receiver feels? According to these folks, good advice isn't so much advice as it is information. Which is great news for... Continue

Your Body Is Meant To

Today I was asked maybe the most complicated question I've ever been asked: "The toe-curling, body-flailing, scream-inducing experience that the media tells us orgasm is - is that the experience we're biologically meant to have?" Well, I mean... the short... Continue

real pink viagra (1)

Okay. So I did a series on orgasm because it's what I get asked about most. I did a series on What Women Want because of a question a reader asked, and now, because of a comment from Mal,... Continue

how to have an orgasm, in 400 words or less

I've spent today polishing a booklet about orgasm written by a student. I'm essentially just adjusting the formatting and checking for typgraphical errors, but the one weak bit is the section that explains the technical bit about how orgasm... Continue

advanced orgasm: what to do with a g-spot

What do you do once you've found it? You rub it. How exactly you do that depends on how you're wired, and you can only figure that out through trial and error. Here I'll give you some basic techniques that... Continue

Orgasm: a destination, not a journey

I've always had a hard time with the saying, "Life's a journey, not a destination." It's the kind of thing people said to me a lot when I was in early- and mid-adolescence, because I was (and am) an intense,... Continue

desire for sex, not necessarily orgasm

I've had a surprising theme in my conversations with various people lately: not wanting orgasm. Mostly these have been folks - both people with penises and people with vaginas - who desire sex with some frequency, but desire orgasm with... Continue

Shenpa Sex

I went on the BEST VACATION EVER during spring break, which included a killer ass-whuppin' of a yoga class at the hotel's spa. The yoga instructor introduced us to the term, "shenpa," a Tibetan term meaning something like, "attached" or... Continue