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Snoozing After Sex

When is it exactly that men mostly fall asleep after sex?  Usually it is at the end of the day, after eating dinner, when they are in their beds, with the light off or turned down low.  Makes sense so... Continue

Is She Faking It?

Thanks to Meg Ryan's infamous scene in When Harry Met Sally, we've witnessed just how easy it is for women to fake an orgasm. And, really, all your partner needs to do is watch a few minutes of most porn... Continue

Quick Question: My Boyfriend Is Obsessed With My Orgasm -- HELP!

First things first, no one gives you an orgasm. You have an orgasm. Although it might seem like a gift in its culmination of erotic pleasure, it's yours. So your boyfriend should try to get that idea out of his... Continue

Can you change your sexual response?

A useful way to think about the idea of sexual response is to break it into two concepts: arousal and arousability. Arousability refers to your trait levels of SIS and SES (dual control model). Our best understanding at this point... Continue