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Shower vs Grower

I have noticed over the years that my penis size when flaccid varies from day to day. Now, I know men get shrinkage when in cold water, taking different drugs, energy drinks/pills, etc. But are there other factors that can... Continue

Older Penis

As i have gotten older I have noticed that my penis has gotten shorter by about an inch, but has gotten rounder in diameter. I'm now 55 is this a normal condition with aging?... Continue

Does size truly matter?

I love my husband dearly. He isn't "Well endowed" but he's not excessively small either. I'd say he's probably right around average. However, a lot of times after love making I feel unsatisfied. How do I maximize my pleasure while... Continue

Penis Size and Toys

I'm maybe 1.3 inches wide and 5.2 inches long when erect. My wife has had 12+ sexual partners varying in width from 1.5 to 2 inches and 7.5 to 9.5 inches in length. She also has a large vaginal canal.... Continue

Penis Size

What is the actual and natural size of penis that can gratify the lady? Can it be made larger?... Continue

Bent Penis

I did read a post about this on your site, but it was very general and I wanted more info if possible. My situation is this. After the birth of our 1st child my wife decided there was no more... Continue

Penis Size and Positions

my wife and i have a decent sex life but im always trying to think of ways to keep it interesting. twice in the 10 years weve been together shes asked/offered to "do it doggie style" (not anal) and for... Continue

Male Enhancement Pills

What is the truth about products like "Extenze"? Are they deemed safe and do they really provide any noticeable results or improvement?... Continue

Penis Size and Ethnicity

Is there any recent, empirical data / studies comparing penis size and race? I have looked everywhere but can't find anything newer that 20 years old. And those were vague at best. Just curious to see any correlations. A link... Continue

Penis Shrinkage

i am a guy of 22 yrs. I have this persistent of my penis shrinking most of the time. This situation is really embarrassing for me to such an extent that it has damaged my self esteem and confidence. In... Continue

Penis Size Issue

As I grew to be a young adult that I am, 24 now, I have noticed that my 7 inch erected penis shrunk to be 5 inches, and I have noticed since last year (2010) I really don't remember when...... Continue

Fascinated by size...have not always been this way

Ok, so this may be a little strange / odd so I apologize up front. My husband (CuteNCGuy on here) have been together for nearly 14 years in total now. So I have known for quite some time that he... Continue

Tiny vs good size

I will soon be joining my fiance in Philly, PA. It will be the first time we have met in person. My concern is that I have a tight & tiny opening to my vagina. He is approx 8" erect.... Continue