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It's an "e-Motional" Affair

Welcome to the age of the "e-motional" affair, where infidelity is just click away, and cheating has become easier than setting up a Wii. From i-phones and blackberries to Facebook, Twitter, and Craig's List, technology isn't just enabling infidelity, it's... Continue

same-sex relationships: same issues?

Couples of all orientations find themselves struggling with the same issues, from mismatched libidos to sex ruts to infidelity. "The underlying dynamics are identical," says Emily Nagoski, sex educator and author of "A Scientific Guide to Successful Relationships." "They may... Continue

Is there such a thing as "normal" when it comes to sex?

How does your sex life measure up? That's the central premise of "The Normal Bar," a new book by Chrisanna Northrup and sociologists Pepper Schwartz and James Witte. Based on the responses of an Internet survey of some 70,000 people,... Continue

What would you do?

Your buddy's wife decides to "friend" her ex on Facebook. Your local politician gets busted sending pictures of his private parts to his campaign workers. Your sister tells you her boyfriend wants her to watch pornography with him. It's easy... Continue