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Fear is Ruining my Sex Life

Growing up in the 80s, fear of AIDS was huge, and definitely impacted my relationship with sex. I was never ever to truly enjoy it wholeheartedly, as I always had an ember of fear in the back of my brain.... Continue

Trouble With Sex

My boyfriend of 2 years doesn't seem to care much about my pleasure during sex. I'm sure it's because he doesn't care as much about me as I do about him, but because of this, I feel like a turtle... Continue


I am 52 divorced about 1 year. I started dating this man who blew me away as he was extremely bright, funny, successful etc. We ended up having sex one night and I am far from a prude but he... Continue

internet porn

I am 23 years old i am in good shape and don't smoke and I am a chronic porn user. I have tried to stop but can't seem to. I have just gotten a girl friend and we've been together... Continue

Rekindling with an Ex

My ex and I broke up back in August, and it was mutual. (We were together for almost 2 and a half years.) Frankly, we had a wonderful relationship. There was no bad falling out. We haven't talked much the... Continue


I recently read the article on CNN about porn. I have a huge problem with porn in my relationship due to a traumatic experience in a previous relationship (my ex was addicted to porn). Because of my past experience I... Continue

Strip Clubs

How much is too much? My husband goes very frequently. Sometimes two nights a week. It is a real problem for me. We have a good sex life. I think he is addicted to strip clubs.... Continue

She Says The Point is to Cum! :(

we are both 24, she is slightly older than me but i tend to be the mature one and she is still a bit of a teenager... we are crazy about each other and our relationship is either out of... Continue

Lasting long in bed or Having short relationships

Dr. Kerner, Your story about your girl leaving is confronting to me and I want to avoid it from happening to me, any insight would be very appreciated. How many kegels should be done per session, day, week? I usually... Continue

Just Started Having Sex and Already a Little Lost

I'm 29 and just started having sex with well, my manfriend, if you will. He's pretty rad. However, I have no clue what I'm doing. Thankfully, he's quite experienced, otherwise our sex life would suck, I'm sure. I was a... Continue

Re-establishing Sex Life

My husband and I have had a mostly sexless marriage for the past 3-4 years (maybe 3-5 times/year), and not by his choice. I stopped enjoying or wanting sex. I took time to figure out what I think my issues... Continue

Does This Ever Really Work to Get More Sex?

For married couples with kids where the wife has lost interest in sex, I frequently see advice for the husband to help around the house more. The response invariably seems to be some variant of "I tried that and started... Continue