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Of Chocolate Cake, Fruit Salad, And Pornography

I'm sitting at the autoglass repair place, waiting for my windshield to be replaced, and reading about consumer decision-making. I was inspired by a RadioLab story from a couple years ago (though I only just heard it) about, among a... Continue

Beauty And The Guardian

Apparently women prefer facial masculinity as a function of national health index. Which is interesting. If you come from a rich, healthy country, you're more likely to prefer a feminine male face, whereas if you come from a poorer, lower... Continue

How Sex Works

The best way to think about sexual arousal is the Dual Control Model of Sexual Response, a newish theory developed at the Kinsey Institute by Erick Janssen and John Bancroft. As you might guess from the name, the dual control... Continue

Sperm, Actually.

I hate to cook. I staved off malnutrition during grad school mostly by living with other people who enjoyed cooking. (Thanks Patrick.) These days, preferring to live on my own until there's someone I want to live with for reasons... Continue

Porn - Good Or Bad?

For the record, because it's come up, porn doesn't cause violence against women. It's true. There's a correlation between violent porn and men who perpetrate violence against women - that is, men who are interested in violence against women are,... Continue

Of Warts, Sores, And Testing

I was chatting yesterday with a physician about recommendations and guidelines for testing for STIs (as you do). He explained the new guidelines for Pap smears and I told him that the Syphillis/Facebook correlation is bunkum. It was a nice... Continue

Do most men really have a stronger sex drive than most women?

A quick science tidbit before the weekend begins: a question someone asked at the end of my quick 10 question survey about the best non-fiction sex books you've read (feel free to participate if you haven't). The person asked,... Continue

Turning Off Nociception

We have nerve endings whose job it is to recognize stimuli that are potentially dangerous ("nociceptors"). These pain receptions limit the intensity of stimulation you can give your partner because they have a "threshold" of pain tolerance. But you can... Continue