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Internet Infidelity: to snoop or not to snoop?

Like cell phones and hotel rooms, the Internet is a facilitator of infidelity, rather than a direct cause of it, but it's increasingly a catalyst for a particularly pernicious strain of cheating: emotional infidelity.... Continue

Is Tiger Woods a Sex Addict, or Just a Typical New Dad?

So now it seems as though Tiger Woods may be checking himself into a rehab center in Mississippi to deal with purported sex-addiction. And while claiming to be a sex-addict is a great way to quickly "medicalize" one's dalliances and... Continue

It's an "e-Motional" Affair

Welcome to the age of the "e-motional" affair, where infidelity is just click away, and cheating has become easier than setting up a Wii. From i-phones and blackberries to Facebook, Twitter, and Craig's List, technology isn't just enabling infidelity, it's... Continue

When & How to Snoop

Transparency is important in any relationship, from the professional to the personal, but especially in our romantic relationships. If you wouldn't say or do something in front of your partner, it's generally best not to say or do it in... Continue