A Note from Founder Ian Kerner on Our Sponsors

promescent_promo.pngIn recent years, a new over-the-counter product has come to market called Promescent, which I have used myself and have recommended to scores of patients. It's a lidocaine-based spray that helps to diminish the overwhelming sexual sensations that can push a premature ejaculator over the edge of ejaculatory inevitability. And its unique formula prevents transference to a partner, which means your partner still feels everything. This month, Promescent is one of our sponsors, and they're offering a $10-off coupon exclusively for Good in Bed users. Just go to promescent.com and use the coupon code from your good in bed newsletter at checkout. This coupon expires 6/21 at 12 a.m, so don't wait too long. If you or your partner suffer from premature ejaculation or feel a desire to last longer during intercourse, I highly recommend this product.

LELO_HEX_condoms_12-pack.jpgOur other awesome sponsor this month is LELO, a premium creator of beautifully designed sex toys. LELO has now developed a revolutionary new condom called HEX, which they will be launching this summer. Like all LELO products, HEX combines artistry with functionality to create a unique sexual experience. I had the chance to preview HEX and here's what I had to say: "LELO condoms feel like they are molded to fit the unique contours of an individual's penis while simultaneously providing a snugness that makes you feel assured that the sex you're having is safe." If you'd like to learn more about HEX condoms, please go to lelocondoms.com