Good in Bed Survey on Date Night

The full report is available in pdf format.

Date Night


  • 47.9% of the participants reported having had a date-night with their partner within the 2 weeks prior to completing the survey.
    • 20.0% in the last month
    • 15.4% in the last 3 months
  • Individuals who went on date-night with their partner more recently scored significantly higher on sexual and relationship satisfaction than individuals who went on date-night with their partner less recently.
  • 91.2% of the sample was very much or a little open to trying something new and different for date-night like trapeze classes or rock climbing.
  • 97.5% of the sample indicated they felt date-night makes them feel very much or a little bit closer to their partner.
  • Around half of the sample (49.6%) indicated they could only go a few weeks or a month without a date-night with their partner. However, 30.1% indicated they could go several months without a date-night.
  • The top three barriers to date-night were:
    • Money is tight
    • Work
    • Too busy
  • Most people would choose a date-night with partner over an evening with friends.


We are constantly fed messages that we need to make going on dates with a long-term partner a priority in order to keep the spark alive in our relationships. Despite this emphasis, very little is known about date-night - defined in this study as "a date with your partner that is outside of the typical day-to-day encounters that you have with one another." We wanted to know as much as we could about how people navigate date night in terms of who plans the date, where they get ideas for dates, how going on date-nights impacts their relationships, how the economy has dictated whether dates can occur or not, and much more.


Data was collected through an online survey. Participants were recruited through various online forums (e.g., email listservs, online articles, social media websites) and directed to the study website. Potential participants were informed that a small incentive would be offered for involvement in the study (a code to redeem a free e-book from, worth $5.95). There was an 89.2% completion rate with 2,867 participants beginning the survey and 2,557 participants completing the survey. The final sample consisted of 1393 men (54.5%) and 1163 women (45.5%). For sample characteristics broken down by gender, see Table 1.

Upon accessing the survey, participants were presented with a number of questions that assessed various demographic variables and current (or most recent) relationship dynamics followed by a number of questions regarding the navigation of date-night in the context of the current relationship.

This study used a web-based data collection method. Internet surveys provide a more comfortable environment to collect data on sensitive issues such as sexuality, and therefore individuals were more likely to submit accurate sexual and relationship information online. All responses were completely anonymous and we did not collect any identifying information from participants.


  • 1393 men (54.5%)
  • 1163 women (45.5%)
  • 92.3% heterosexual, 1.0% gay or lesbian, 4.8% bisexual, 0.9% uncertain or questioning, 0.9% other
  • 56.2% were married
  • 28.5% were seriously dating one person
  • 6.7% were casually dating one or more people
  • 5.6% were engaged
  • .9% were divorced
  • .5% were separated
  • .1% were widowed
  • The majority of the sample, 69.8%, were living with their partner at the time of data collection
  • 27.1% were in their current relationship for more than 15 years
  • 20.0% were in their current relationship for between 7 and 15 years
  • 18.5% were in their current relationship between 1 and 3 years
  • 16.5% were in their current relationship between 3 and 7 years
  • 9.8% were in their current relationship less than 6 months
  • 8.1% were in their current relationship for between 6 months and 1 year
  • 63.9% have children - of those, 12.0% have 1 child, 25.5% have 2 children, 14.6% have 3 children, 6.7% have 4 children, 5.1% have 5 or more children
  • 36.1% don't have children

The full report is available in pdf format.